Integrate with your application

Because tiny-dnn is header-only, integrating it with your application is extremely easy. We explain how to do it step-by-step.

Step1/3: Include tiny_dnn.h in your application

Just add the following line:

#include "tiny_dnn/tiny_dnn.h"

Step2/3: Enable C++11 options

tiny-dnn uses C++11's core features and libraries. You must use the c++11 compliant compiler and compile with c++11-mode.

Visual Studio(2013-)

C++11 features are enabled by default, you have nothing to do about it.


Use -std=c++11 option to enable c++11-mode.

From gcc 6.0, the default compile mode for c++ is -std=gnu++14, so you don't need to add this option.

Step3/3: Add include path of tiny-dnn to your build system

Tell your build system where tiny-dnn exists. In gcc:

g++ -std=c++11 -Iyour-downloaded-path -O3 your-app.cpp -o your-app
Another solution: place tiny-dnn's header files under your project root